Sunday, 27 February 2011

Getting Your Book Published

I'm going to do it! After spending two years working fitfully on my book, on my manuscript, on my own story, I am now going to get it published. But I have decided not to use the traditional route. Not because I am afraid of getting turned down. That may well happen. But because I want to remain entirely in control. I want my story to exist beyond my own head, beyond the pages on my computer, and in a beautiful book that people can hold and read and treasure. I am not interested in fame and fortune. I just want my story to exist.

Getting Published is not so difficult if you choose to do it yourself using one of a growing number of publishing partners. The trouble is picking the right one. It is rather like choosing a mobile phone. There are so many with so many different features that it is almost impossible to compare like for like. I'll speak about the choice I have made in the next few posts. But let me say that choosing to self publish need not be daunting. It can be tremendously exciting. Almost as exciting as writing the manuscript itself and finally believing that it is complete.